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..Family edition!

What is the focus and objective?

EdVengers is our take on the quests done by the Avengers to collect the Infinity stones. This family-oriented programme will be done through Zoom as a vehicle of communication. The whole ‘saga’ will be spread throughout a few weeks; with cliffhangers to keep the suspense! EdVengers is designed with the focus of teaching and cultivating the different types of health.

Topics Covered:

Session 1 - Ice Breaker & Family Team Activity

Session 2 - Power Stone: Physical Health (Teambuilding)

Session 3 - Mind Stone: Mental Health (Stress Management skills)

Session 4 - Time Stone: Emotional Health (Handling expressions)


Session 5 - Reality Stone: Social Health (Communication Skills)

Session 6 - Space Stone: Environmental Health (Experiments)

Session 7 - Soul Stone: Reflection

Session 8 - Final Challenge!

At the end of this programme, we hope that families are able to gain an extensive knowledge on the different types of healths that one must have and to forge an even stronger bond through these difficult times.

Programme Details:

EDvengers is a programme that includes the learning of several Health aspects to help families understand more in-depth on each topic that is presented.


  • ITS.....FREE!!

  • For ages 10 and above

  • Number of Sessions: 10

  • Class Size: 30 Families (limited Spaces)

  • Classes are held twice a week: Every Saturday & Sunday

  • Class duration: approx. 1 hour (11 am - 12 Pm)

  • Venue: At Home! (Sufficient personal space to roam around)

  • Online Platform: Zoom

  • Attire: Comfortable clothing

Class Schedule 2020:

Saturday - 5 Sessions

Sunday - 5 Sessions

At the end of the programme:

  • You will be required to present your learning and understanding on how you would be able to apply these concepts back home for you and family to overcome these pandemic!

  • You will be awarded an E-Certificate of Achievement (COA) with a minimum attendance of 70%

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Supported by:

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In conjunction with:

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