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At Tomo Training Consulting Group Pte. Ltd. we offer an outdoor education in which our programmes allow a wide variety of learning outcomes in different areas for each individual - teamwork, leadership skills and even personal character development. Our participants will be able to learn more about themselves and gain skill sets such as discover underlying abilities, learning how to work effectively in a team and develop inter and intrapersonal skills. 

Our participants will be able to trek and experience the best that nature has to offer, in Singapore’s very own nature reserves and parks. They will learn to orientate their way using maps and compasses. The basic idea of the orienteering is to allow our participants to navigate through a sequence of checkpoints with a compass, scrambling up and down rocky peaks, through woods and swamps. Each checkpoints will require our participants to answer some questions/do awesome activities.

During dragonboating, participants will be able to learn the importance of teamwork and communication through the approximate hour long event. Our participants will be taught by the dragonboat instructors, the basic personal protection, embarkation and disembarkation along with basic rowing techniques. Designed to be fun yet at the same time, we hope to instil a sense of team building and perseverance in our participants. Our Dragon Boat sessions are usually held at Kallang Water Sports Centre.

Apart from dragon boating at Kallang, we conduct improvised water rafting as well. During this activity, participants will learn about the different knots that can be used to tie and create their own water rafts. With this knowledge, as well as a creative mind, they will be tasked to build strong and stable rafts where participants will have to cooperate and work together in order to keep the rafts afloat in the water. Participants will also get a sense of adventure and thrill to face the consequences when it comes time to get on the water.

Our cycling expeditions will definitely be one to test the leg muscles of our participants. This cycling expedition is designed for both cyclists and non-cyclists participants. Our trainers have the experience of guiding our non-cyclists participants the basic fundamentals of cycling. Our common cycling routes are using park connector networks (PCN), which comprises of coastal, western northern & southern loops around Singapore. Not to miss out, our cycling expedition consists of a number of checkpoints with various activities that our participants need to achieve!

High Elements

At the High Elements Courses (Challenge Rope Course, Zipline, Rock Climbing, Abseiling) participants will meet their fear of height face to face and accomplish challenges they never thought possible until now! We believe these obstacles are a symbol of challenges that gives our participants an opportunity to gain self-confidence, self-awareness, resilience and team work. Under the watchful eyes of our trainers and rope-course trainers (EFIs), our participants are able to scale the walls and enjoy the cool breeze from a height with their friends.

Camping in the outdoors will help to introduce a sense of independence in the minds of our participants as they adapt to being in a whole different environment, away from the comforts of their homes which allows them to become rugged individuals. We teach our participants how to pitch a tent and engage them to experience how it is like to sleep in the outdoors with their fellow mates which promotes teamwork and bonding amongst one another.

Outdoor Trekking


Water Activities

Cycling Expedition

Outdoor Camping

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