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Lead Thyself


Lead Thyself programme develop self-discipline and assist students take ownership of their lives by being responsible for their action. It helps participants appreciate that personal responsibility is key to becoming a great leader and gives an understanding that everyone is a leader and that leadership emerges from within oneself.


This programme covers what leadership and power means. It touches various leadership models and frameworks. Furthermore it facilitates participant’s understanding of their personal strengths and character traits of a leader. 

Power to Lead


Power to Lead programme develops participant’s understanding of the concept, importance and practice of working together as a team. It develops problem-solving, social and interpersonal relationship skills. It equips participants with managing and observational skills to identify the needs in classroom, school and workplace setting.

Participants will understand the importance of clear communication to the prevention and management of conflicts. Furthermore it develops empathy in communication and it prevents miscommunication by indentifying and removing barriers in communication process. And most importantly, participants learn how to motivate and give effective feedback. 

Lead by Example


Lead by Example programme empowers students with influencing and mentoring skills. It enables and encourages students to courageously vision-cast for the next generation of leaders that is aligned with their organization’s vision. Participants will learn to delegate tasks effectively in a team and learn to monitor and review strategic goals periodically.


This programme will illustrate that a leader must be willing to serve and be committed to be a servant leader. It emphasizes the importance of demonstrating good exemplary and role model to fellow team members.

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