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Fitness Fun!

What is the focus and objective?

In conjunction with ActiveSG!, Fitness Fun is a stay-home activity which focuses on building one’s creativity through Fitness Exercises and Dance routines. The programme is designed for young Adults to be exposed on the basic posture of stretching, exercising and the different dance routines such as hip hop and modern dance.

Topics Covered:

Fitness Class

Session 1 - Functional Training 

Session 2 - HIIT Workout

Session 3 - Static Cardio

Session 4 - Strength Training

Session 5 - Final Session

Dance Class

Session 1 - Basic Hip-Hop Moves

Session 2 - Understand basic 8 counts

Session 3 - Hip-Hop grooves footwork and movements

Session 4 - Learn to choreograph!

Session 5 - Presentation

At the end of this entire programme, participants are required to either put together a Fitness routine or choreograph a 2 mins dance move which they are able to share this knowledge to their family and friends about the proper stretching techniques and fun dance exercises that can be done at home; staying fit and healthy together!

Programme Details:

Fitness Fun comprises of two components; Fitness as well as Dance.


  • ITS.....FREE!!

  • For ages 10 and above

  • Number of Sessions: 10

  • Class Size: 30pax (limited Spaces)

  • Classes are held twice a week: Every Friday & Sunday

  • Class duration: approx. 1 hour (6 - 7 Pm)

  • Venue: At Home! (Sufficient personal space to stretch)

  • Online Platform: Zoom

  • Attire: Comfortable clothing

Class Schedule 2020:

Friday - Fitness Class (5 Sessions)

Sunday - Dance Class (5 Sessions)

Dates: TBC

At the end of the programme:

  • You will be required to either put together a fitness routine or choreograph a 2 mins dance move for your families and friends.

  • You will be awarded an E-Certificate of Achievement (COA) with a minimum attendance of 70%

Trainer's Bio:

Mr. Hafiz Sudir 

Hafiz is a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer who has more than 5 years of experienced in his field. He has helped many individuals achieved their fitness goals through his extensive regime and workout. 

Mr. Wira Satria 


Wira Satria has dance for 16 years and has involve in professional learning journey for 4 years. He has taught numerous school and provide his knowledge on dance fundamentals to many schools. He has done numerous enrichment programmes , commercial dance , competitions and a few open classes. Wira has experienced numerous competitions started from 18 years old. He had experienced being a student choreographer for a dance production back in his tertiary education (EMBLAZON 2014).

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